43.03.02 Tourism

  • Form and duration of training full-time – 4 years
  • The program is implemented at the Institute of Economics and Finance

Graduated of the program will obtain wide range of opportunities for successful employment and a choice of professional activity which includes development, promotion and implementation of a touristic product in the transport sector which has the qualities that meet the requirements of consumers (tourists), the organization of comprehensive tourist services in the main sectors of the tourism industry.

  • Tourist and recreational design (by type of transport)
  • Technology and organization of service and services for tourists (by type of transport)
  • Project management and business planning in tourism
  • Strategies for the development of tourism and recreation activities
  • Technology and organization of tourism (by type of transport)
  • JSC “Russian Railways”
  • “Sunrise Tour”
  • Manager of travel organization
  • Manager of a Department of the tourism product sales
  • Specialist of business planning in tourism
  • Head of a Department of marketing and sales of a travel agency
  • Manager of booking and sales
  • JSC “Russian Railways”
  • “Sunrise Tour”